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Welcome to the Ute CrossFit family of gyms.  Our mission is to provide world class coaching to our clients so they can reach their own personal fitness goals.  We offer numerous classes and training programs at Ute CrossFit Sugarhouse, Ute CrossFit East DraperUte CrossFit Holladay, and now at Ute CrossFit Downtown SLC to better suite your needs, and you will receive expert coaching instruction whether you are an elite athlete or a total beginner with no fitness background.  Each location is unique and may offer slightly different programs or membership options, so make sure you click on a specific gym to get all the info.  While each gym has its own team of trainers and a unique feel, they all share this common theme: we genuinely care about your specific needs and goals, and are committed to helping you along your journey to better fitness.

Tommy and Bobbie Jo Hackenbruck
Owners of Ute CrossFit Sugarhouse, Ute CrossFit Holladay and Ute CrossFit Downtown SLC

Nick and Rebecca Balstaedt
Owners of Ute CrossFit East Draper

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