Friday WODS-August 23

Double under

Option 1:
KB Meditation by Gym Jones

Make each rep last 1:00 for 20:00

Alternate hands.

1 rep=
1 Snatch
1 Windmill
1 TGU (down to up)

Wod 2
30 Burpee Pull Ups for time.

Post Wod

Option 2 WOD
On the minute
10 Deadlift @ 135/95
10 Ring Push ups
Right into:
On the minute
3 MU
(Scale with 3 C2BPU/3 Ring Dip)


9:30 and 10:30 WOD and Daycare

Challenge:4x200m Run. Partner up (each person does 4 runs). Rest time is length of  time it takes your partner to complete 200m.
WOD:Partner up and complete the following work. 1 person works at a time. Split up reps/meters anyway. You must go in order the WOD is written.
4rds for time
1k Row
30 Hang Cleans 75/55# (scale up 95/65#)
1k Ski
30 Front Squats 75/55# (scale up 95/65#)
100 Double Unders
30 Pull-Ups

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