Friday WODS Atlas Stones and Bags.

Muscle Up Progression Work 10:00 of Practice
Then, Atlas Stone Review
Holladay GYM Bulgarian Bag Review 10:00 minutes
WOD-Partner Work (Sugar House GYM)
50 Ground to Shoulder (Break up with your partner, anyway)
2x400m Run (Each partner does one)
800m Farmer Carry (Spilt as needed) 2x 24kg/16kg
1000m Ski (Split as needed)
5 Rope Climb (Split as needed)
**Optional…do it on “yo own”
Time cap 30:00
Holladay GYM-Partner Work (Break up anyway)
50 Bulgarian Bag Clean and Squat
2x400m Run (Each partner does one)
800m Bulgarian Bag Run
1000m Row (Split as needed)
5 Bear Crawl (5 Each Partner, length of turf!)
Time Cap 30:00 Optional…do it on “yo own”
Post WOD
Foam Roll
Ball Roll
9:30 and 10:30 WOD and Daycare
Challenge: 2 Ladders of 5-1. Perfect Push-Ups, Strict Pull-Ups, Hollow Rocks.
7 Thrusters 75/55#
7 Weighted Sit Ups 16/12kg (hold KB at chest)
7 Pull-Ups
100m Run
  • Rest 30 sec after ea. round.

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