Wednesday WOD “Tests”

Horse Stance
5/5/5 (5 rt and 5 lft alternate, five second hold on each side)
3×5 (each side) KB SLDL
3×5  Squat and Explosive High Jump
KB Snatch TEST
Max KB Snatch in 10:00 24kg/16kg
The goal is to break 200.  A good guide to follow is a ladder 10, 9, 8, 7…..1, then repeat. Each full ladder will give you 55 reps.  Get 4 ladders and you have yourself with 220 reps.
We tried this a few months ago, it was hard and our class numbers showed exactly that.  Our numbers where not as big.  Don’t miss out on today’s chance to test yourself and to see where you stand.  We don’t give ourselves the opportunity for that enough, so today is a chance for just that.For those of you who did complete this our first go around.  Now you get to reprove yourself that you have more!  Do that today.

Max KB Swings
How far can you push yourself before you “decide” to stop.  We don’t do this very often.  Usually we have a time or a rep scheme to follow.  Today is your chance to have a break through, beat the number you tell yourself you can achieve, beat it by a lot and actually push yourself so you can’t do anymore.  Once we see the numbers on the whiteboard we will be able to see you is who in this little game.
Once you drop or stop.  Rest 3:00
Then 2x500m Row for time.  Rest 2:00 Between Rounds.
Score is total reps and best 500m attempt.
Holladay GymBulgarian Bag Option

Depending on your comfort and experience thus far with the Bulgarian Bags, you choose what movement you can handle today.

10:00 Max Rep
Clean and Squat
Back Squat
Turkish Get Ups-Overhead or Overshoulder.
Have a plan before you start your work.  An example would be :50 work, :10 rest for 10:00, or 10 reps, 5 breaths until 10:00.  It is your game, pick a way to play it and follow your plan.Or

:30/:30 Work/Rest
Row (Meters) or Airdyne Intervals (Calories) (Goal for ladies is 200 cal, men 300 cal on AD)
Track distance for each round.  Score is lowest round

Post WOD
5:00 No Shoes Jump Rope Cool Down
9:30 and 10:30 WOD and Daycare

3x KB Russian Swings 24/16kg
3x SDHP w/ KB 24/16kg
WOD:5rds, 1min of rest after each round
1.30 Double Unders
2.10 Hang Cleans 115/75#
3.30 Mtn Climbers (15 ea leg)
4.200m Ski

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