Tuesday WOD and Running Clinic Dates at Holladay GYM

Love your ball today.

Love your ball today.









1 mile run @ 75%
Pose Running Focus and good form
10:00 Cut off
2 Rounds for each movement
1:00 on :30 Rest

Wall Ball 20/14#
Squat Hold
Pull Up
Dead Hang Hold Bottom of the Pull Up
Headcutter 24/16kg **
Single Arm OH Hold with KB-Switches are okay.

**Holladay Gym
Bulgarian Bag Thrusters

Post WOD
100 Flutter Kicks


Ute CrossFit Running Clinics @ Holladay Gym

Tuesday & Thursday 6pm

September 10, 12, 17, 19, 24 &  26
Oct 1 and 3

October 5th we will be hosting our first every Ute CrossFit Trail Run in the Mill Creek Canyon

The above dates are a great way to prepare for our trail day.  Our 4 week running clinic is a great time to give focused effort into your running form.

Coach Bryce Astille who commonly competes in Ultra Distance running events is available to coach you on running form and to give you direction on how to build your running volume and running life :)

All running clinics are open to members and $25 for the 4 weeks for non members of Ute CrossFit.
For non members,  sign up for the 4 week running clinic by email:


Holladay Gym Location
4894 S. Highland Dr

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