Thursday WOD September 12

The perfect veggie trick-treat.
Sometimes it is nice to mix it up with food and it is always great to  get as many greens as possible.  Even if you say you love eating greens, you are kind of lying….so mix them in smoothie and you will enjoy!
The above smoothie is a favorite, good for you and tastes like a treat.
Green Goo  Smoothie
1 Scoop SFH Pure Whey (FROM GRASS FED COW!)
2-3 Cups Greens (Spinach/Kale or Chard)
1 tbs nutbutter (you can go healthy… almond/cashew or for taste Jiffy Natural!)
1 Cup Milk (Almond, Whole, pick)
5 Cubes ice
1/2 -1 Whole Banana

Blend and drink.  This is a good mix in for a breakfast or snack or if you really want ice cream late at night…this option wins.  “Try it, you might like it.”

5:00 Jump Rope Work
Ten rounds, each for time of:
5 Thruster 115/75
10 Pull Ups
100m Sprint Row or Run or Ski
Rest 1:00 
Score is fastest and slowest round. 
Post WOD
30 TGU

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