Friday WOD-Power TEST!! Parter Style









Plank Hold.  Putting in extra homework, gives you extra results.


Pre WOD:
Movement review

50 Reps of each
Split Reps anyway, both partners can work at the same time.
Once you complete all of your movements, move on to the rower.  The way to achieve a score on this workout is rowed meters after you complete your movements.

Wall Ball 20/14
Box Jump 24/20″
KB Snatch 24/16kg
Push Press 65/45
Deadlift 135/95#
Sit Ups
Headcutter 24/16kg
Push Ups-Hand Release at bottom.
KB Swing 24/16kg

Time cut off is 30:00 minutes.

Post WOD
400m Jog
3x:30 Prone Cobra

 9:30 and 10:30 Mommy/Daddy WOD and Daycare
Same as above.

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