Thursday WOD and No more running clinic.

We did not have the following we had hoped for, so we will not be continuing the Holladay Gym Running Clinics.
We will however be doing our Oct 5th gym trail run at the Church Fork trail in Milcreek Canyon!!
Turkish Get Up
Going for a max
Complete this reps scheme and work up to your 1RM.
Reps per side
5-4-3-2-1KB Suggested.Holladay Gym, use barbell for TGU or Bulgarian Bags.
Score is 1RM
On the minutes forĀ 10:00
10 Strict Press @ 50%1rm
(Break reps up if needed, but complete them in 1:00)
On the minute forĀ 10:00
5 Hang Clean @ 65%1rm
4 Back Squat with the same load
(The goal is SPEED)
Post WOD
200m Heavy Carry, you pick

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