Friday WODS

Coach Bryce is off to run the Bear 100 tomorrow.  We are sending all of our good voodoo his way.  Yes that is 100 hundred miles of running and Bryce does this often and well.
To track results on Bryce take a look at 

Good luck Bryce, we love you!

Rope Climb Work
10:00 Practice
10-1 Ladder Not for time.
Begin your first set of deadlifts at 30-35% of your 1RM.  Each set add weight.  Before you start your reps, think of your actual 1RM.  Set your weights in your sets to get you close to your 1RM for your last lift.  We are then running a mile or doing many Wall Ball Shots, so save some of your legs/body for that request. The point of this work is to lift a good heavy load as the reps get lower, but not actually put yourself in a position to max lift today.
Rest 3:00
For time.
1 Mile Run or 100 Wall Ball
Score today is final load on deadlift and time on 1 mile run or 100 wall ball.
Post WOD
3:00 Plank Hold or 100 Sit Ups for time, goal is 3:00.
9:30 and 10:30 Mommy/Daddy WOD and Daycare

1mile run together. Have to start together and end together
15min AMRAP
5 OHS 95/65#
200m Row
10 Hang Cleans 95/65#
400m Row
On the minute, 3 burpee.
Coach Tyler, working on Turkish Get Ups.  He worked up to the 100lb KB then moved on for a change up with Barbell work.  If a coach is going to prescribe workouts, they should always be able to do what they request.

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