Monday WOD – “Mainsite WOD” and Congrats Coach Bryce! 100 miles.



Congrats to Coach Bryce this weekend.  Bryce ran the Bear 100 and placed 9th overall with a time of 22:40.  His personal goal was to finish under 23 hours…and he did just that!  Way to go Bryce.

On the Bear 100 website this is a good little summary they give for the race description:

A Cool, Autumn Loop Through the Pines, Golden Aspen and Red Maples
100 Miles • 21,986′ of climb • Max Elevation 9060′ • Min Elevation 4860′• Avg Elevation 7350′

In other words, this was a very tough 100 miles in the hills.  Nice job Bryce!!!



Review Technique on Burpee and options to scale if needed today. Examples:

-If you are within your first 4 months of training with us, cut the reps back to 12 for a total of 72 reps rather than 150!

-Scale to a no-push-up-burpee but keep the reps at 25. Make sure hips and midline are in a table/plank position.  No saggy hips!

-Scale to knee-push-up-burpees and cut the reps to 15 for a total of 90 scaled burpees.

Know your ability today and work hard within your boundaries, 150 burpees is NO JOKE.  The Main Site is running this workout and it looked “interesting”, lets see how we hang.  The workout calls for a burpee target to be 1 foot above your reach, we will not have this as a standard today.  But we the standard is a full jump and big extension at the top.  If your coach warns you 2x today about your jump height then plan to do an extra 15 once you complete your 150.


6 Rounds for time

400m Run (or scale with a row or ski, pick one)
25 Burpee

Time Cap is 35:00

Post WOD
3x:30 Prone Cobra
3×5 Strict Chin Up or Ring Row
3×3 OHS Sots Press Combo

9:30 and 10:30 Mommy/Daddy Wod and Daycare

4x:30/:30 Push Press/OH Hold
4x :30/:30 Sprints on Turf
WOD:Tabata-8rds of 20 sec work, 10 sec rest.
Burpee Broad Jumps
Front Squats w/Bulgarian Bag

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