Tuesday OCT 1 WOD

Today the Sugar House Gym is being used for a private photo shoot.  We will hold every class as posted on our schedule but to give you a heads up the below times are when the stated gym will not be accessible.

7-10am East Gym Closed
10-4pm West Gym Closed
4-7pm East Gym Closed

As you see above, we will be running classes in the gym that is not closed.  No classes are being cancelled, we just have one gym space open for today’s training.

We will share the West Gym with the Elements Group.  So please be careful with space tomorrow, get your workout in and make space!

Note that today would be a great day to try out the Holladay Gym for the 12:30pm class or the evening classes!

5×5 Bat Wings 2x5lb/2.5lb Dumbell or plate
5×3 Single Leg Squat of Box 20″/16″

“Bring Sally Up/Bring Sally Down” Squat Test


Okay we just had to try this!  Pick a load you can handle. Obviously the group from the posted video (beastly humans, awesome athletes) is going HEAVY, as they are ever so capable to  do so.

For those of you who have a big back squat you should attempt Heavy ie 135#/95#.

Our goal in the gym today is to pick a load that we can maintain  a proper squat hold, so that may means using your own body weight or simply an empty barbell for the work today.

At all costs, don’t bottom out on your squat at the bottom, that is the goal along with getting through all of the song!

Hold a squat at the bottom, don’t let your hips settle in and “rest”!

WOD 2 (In heats)

500m Row (or scale with 400m Run)
100 Double Under for time

Post WOD
Stretch/Roll out

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