Saturday WOD and Gym Hop

Schedule is as normal for those of you cannot attend the Gym Hop/Fundraiser Event.

Sugar House
7, 9 and 10am- Group WOD
8am Elements Make Up
8am Free Intro

7, 11, 12:30- Olympic Lifting

8am Elements Make Up
9 am Group WOD
10am Free Intro

Gym Hop Schedule
9am Holladay Gym-Bulgarian Bag and Crossover Symmetry Clinic: 4894 S. Highland Dr
10:30am Sugar House Gym-Strong Man Clinic: 543 E. 2100 S.
12:00pm Downtown Gym- Crush Cancer Fundraiser Group WOD: 1154 S. 300 W.

For more details on todays Gym Hop event, please see previous posts from this week.

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