Monday WODS

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The rope ladder is back up, 5 year old Boden made sure to break and it and make sure it was hard enough. Try it out this week if you are in the Sugar House gym.













10-1 Ladder
Push Up/Plank Hold
-With a partner, complete the full ladder of 10-1 Push Ups.  Partner A completes 10 push ups, partner B holds a plank, then partner B completes their 10 push ups while partner A holds a plank, from 10 reps down to 1 rep each.

Every time there is any rest taken by either partner, (a break in reps or a break in the plank hold) give yourself a point.  1 point = 10 air squats.  After the ladder, complete your earned amount of air squats.

Example: Team Adam and Eve: 10 breaks = 100 air squats to be completed. Adam does 100, Eve does 100.

WOD (In heats)
1000m Row for time.
Rest 1:00
50 Pull Ups for time
Rest 1:00
50 Sit Ups
Rest 1:00
50 Wall Ball
Rest 1:00
50 Toes to Bar

Today we have set rest planted in to our work, that means the goal is to move as fast as possible when you are working today.  The correct phrase is “go for it”.


Score 1 today is total 1k row time.  Score 2 is total time of movements.  For scaling methods today talk to your coach about scaling back reps to 30 for each movement or ideas on modifying the movement so it is within your ability if needed. Make today great, its Monday!

Post WOD
5:00 Easy pace run/row/bike or ski

9:30 and 10:30 Mommy and Daddy WOD/Free Daycare at Holladay
“Manic Monday”
Challenge:5min AMRAP
20 mtn climbers
200m Row
10 Squat Cleans w/Bag
10 Toes2Bar
40m Bear Crawl
40 Double Unders
Mary P working through push presses from this past weekends Gym Hop & Crush Cancer WOD.

Mary P working through push presses from this past weekends Gym Hop & Crush Cancer WOD.











We had a great Gym Hop turn out this past Saturday.  Thank you to all of you who came out to show support!  We played with Bulgarian Bags, sharpened our Crossover Symmetry skills, did some strong man things and finished a grand ol WOD at the Downtown gym.  The downtown gym is just about ready to go, please look for website posts in then next few weeks to find our schedule and open date for our Downtown gym location.








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