Friday WODS


Natalie getting her double under on!

Agility by your coach.

Holladay Gym
Pre WOD:
Sled Push Review

For time.  Empty Sled 100m push for time. (4 lengths)

WOD for Holladay Gym
20:00 Amrap
50m Sled Push (Down and Back on the turf) (Choose own load)
12 OHS with Bulgarian Bag 16/12kg
12 Thruster 65/45# Barbell
12 Burpee
50m Run

9:30 and 10:30 Mommy/Daddy WOD and Free Daycare-Holladay Gym
Challenge:Set up for WOD and discuss scaling options if needed.
WOD: Partner Friday-40min time cap
Complete the following work w/ a partner.  1 person works at a time.  Go in any order you want, but you must complete all reps/meters before moving on to the next movement.
100 Up Downs
1,500m Row (750m Row per person)
100 Wall Balls 20/14#
100cal on Bike (50 cal per person)
10 Wall Walks (Scale to box walks if needed)
10 Shuttle Runs (5,10,15, 20) Each person completes 5 Shuttle Runs
800m Run carrying a “Fun Bag” 17/12kg (Each person completes a 400m Run w/Bag)

WOD for Sugar House Gym

Atlas Stone Review (Sub Medballs)

20:00 Amrap
6 Ground to Shoulder Stone (3 each side)
12 OHS 65/45#
12 Thurster 65/45#
12 Burpee
100m Ski/Run or Row (Pick one)

Set stone stations so enough stones are available for entire class.

Post WOD for both gyms:
400m Farmer Carry, choose your own items.



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