Monday WODS and Holladay Gym Early Bird Classes Closed

Reminder, Monday we will not be holding early classes at Holladay.  5:30, 6:30 and 6:00am Elements will not be running. The building will have no power until later in the day.  We will run classes as normal for the 8:30am and for the rest of the day.  The building will not have power until noon.

3 Rounds for time and speed.
5 Air Squat
5 Burpee
5 Push Up

In teams of two, Tail-Pipe.  Via Gym Jones.
3 Rounds
250m Row-Partner A
KB-Front Rack Hold 2x24kg/2x16kg-Partner B

Each Partner Completes 3 Round each, for a total of 6 rounds per team for time.
Partner can only row if their partner is in proper front rack position with Kettlebells.  Hands must touch on KB hold.

Holladay Gym
Sub KB Hold for Over Head Bulgarian Bag Hold. If a partner breaks the hold, the rower must row 50 extra meters for each break in the hold.

Amber 2 months post baby and doing work to get back to her old self, she is on her way...turkish get ups always help.

Amber 2 months post baby and doing work to get back to her old self, she is on her way…turkish get ups always help.









Post WOD
30 Perfect Pull Ups or Ring Row (Break reps as needed) Going for form and chest to bar.
30 Toes to Bar (Break reps as needed) Going for strict no kip and controlled decent.
3x:30 Prone Cobra

9:30 and 10:30 WOD and Daycare at Holladay Gym

Challenge: Max Rep Air Squats-2min.
3x5min AMRAPS
1.) 10 Squat Jumps
     10 Bulgarian Bag Cleans
2.)  5 Burpees
      5 Pull-Ups
      5 Box Jumps
3.) 20m Sled Push
     10 Hollow Rocks
     20 Double Unders

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