Monday WODS and Announcements!

It’s official the East Gym at Sugar House in no longer available.  This next week we will have a few classes and some open gyms downtown.  11/11 we will be offering more classes at the Downtown Gym (1154 S 300 W).Currently this week the Downtown Schedule is as follows:
Monday- Friday
6am WOD
4:00-6 Open Gym
Olympic Lifting
Downtown Gym

Saturday 7am
Tuesday 3, 4, 5, 6pm
Wednesday (Last week available, we will in the future only offer T/Th Oly) 3,4,5,6
Thursday 3,4, 5pm
*All Competitor athletes and our Open Gym users need to use the Downtown Open Gym Hours or if you need to get times in that are after 6pm, the Holladay Gym is the option with a check in with the on staff coach to avoid group WOD disruption.  Please check the website schedule of available open gym times and classes.
Olympic Lifting
Sugar House Gym

Saturday 11am and 12:30pm
Pilates for CrossFitters!
Holladay Gym
Tuesday 7:30pm
What is Pilates?  Pilates is exercise where the focus is the spine, breathing, range of motion,and learning to listen to your body and connect within. We work on bringing balance into the body through movement and stretching.
Who can do Pilates? Pilates is for everyone! If you have an injury we can help with rehab. If you are really tight we will improve your flexibility. If you have back or joint pain we will strengthen and stabilize. If you are a mom and pee during exercise I can teach you how to strengthen the pelvic floor. If you are pregnant I’ll teach you what you needs to change with your workout in each trimester. 
This class will be specific to CrossFitter’s and the common issues that we see. I will teach you how to safely stretch hips, backs, shoulders , and anything that may be bothering you. A strong core is the most important thing to help the back so I will teach movements to help keep everyone injury free.
Laura Kelly in the middle of conquering one of her many gym goals.  This was last winter when she completed the Murph workout!!!
Laura Kelly will be running our Pilates for CrossFitter’s ClassLaura started doing Pilates in 1999, and became a personal trainer in 2000 while she was going through her Pilates Certification. Laura worked in many gyms around the valley until  she bought her own equipment in 2004. In 2007 she opened up her own studio. Laura has worked with people with  severe brain injuries, cerebral palsy, hip and shoulder replacements, scoliosis, MS, IT syndrome, plantar fasciitis,SI joint issues, chronic back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain. Laura can work with athletes and the beginner exerciser, she have taught mommie and me classes and her oldest client turned 90 this year. She loves what she  does  and hopes to help all of us at Ute CrossFit.  Laura and her husband have been great friends and members for the last 3 years, experience matters when teaching others.



10-1 Box Steps with KB in Goblet Squat Position, start light and work up to a heavy KB for your lower reps.  Complete the ladder for each leg, 10 each leg, 9 each leg…down to one final rep on each leg.
Complete 5 Perfect Push Ups between each set.
Not for time.  10:00 CapWOD
Backwards Baseline (In heats every 3:00 minutes to avoid back up time on the rower.
10 Pull ps
20 Push Ups
30 Sit Ups
40 Air Squats
500m Row
For time.
Rest 1:00
100 Double Under for time
Rest 1:00
500 Flutter Kicks, not for time. break reps as needed.Post WOD
200m Cool Down Jog
Foam Roll and Stretch
9:30 WOD and Daycare at Holladay Gym 
We no longer are offering the 10:30am class M/W/F so please plan accordingly.

: Strength
5×3 Hang Cleans @ 75-80%
Superset with 5 High Box Jumps
WOD: 5rds for time
250m Row
10 Hang Cleans 95/65#
10 Shoulder to OH 95/65#
  • Rest 1min between rounds

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