Tuesday WOD/Pilates and Evening Oly Downtown!


Downtown Open Gym with Coach Taylor, Photo by TZitting.






Of note!

Oly Class tonight (Tuesday) 3, 4, 5, and 6pm. Downtown Gym 1154 E 300 W.  Look for the tri color building (green, red and white) on the corner of Paxton Ave and 300 W.

For open gym use of Downtown, feel free to work in with the Oly Folks.  Open Gym Downtown 4-6pm.

 Pilates for CrossFitters at Holladay Gym, 7:30pm!!  Don’t miss it.


Super Set
5×3  Strict Chin Up
5×2 (Each Side) Pistol

5×5 Thurster @ 70% 1rm
Share a bar with a parnter or work into a group.

Then on your own, or in heats complete the following.
500m Row or Ski or 50 Cal Bike + 12 Knees to Elbow for time.

Post WOD
100m Heavy OH Plate Hold
2x:20 Prone Cobra Stretch









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