Tuesday WOD-Deadlifts and Weighted Push Ups & Happy Birthday TOMMY!!!

Today is Tommy’s 32nd Birthday!!!

If you see him today give him a big old HUG or a Noogy!!!  He loves both:)


Throw back Tommy, 17 years old his Sr year in High School!!  We heart you Tommy!












Tommy in his element these days, 2013!!










Partner Tabata
16 Rounds of Wall Ball (Share one ball) 20/14#
Rotate rounds with your partner, going for max total reps at the end of 16 rounds.
WOD-Partner or Group Up
5×5 Deadlift or SDHP
5×5 Heavy Push Up

Pick a lift that is fitting for you today.  If you can put five heavy sets together today, go for the Deadlift option.  If you feel like you would like to go a little lighter today and work on a total body, more explosive lift go with the SDHP today. Super set your lift with a weighted push up, have your partner place a plate on your back to challenge your push ups.  If you struggle on push ups, just focus on perfect push ups today with no load!  The ideas is to use one bar today and work off your partner or groups energy to get some good pulling an pushing in today.

Post WOD
On your own;
Tabata Double Under
8 Rounds of :20 seconds or work, :10 seconds of rest.

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