Wednesday WOD





Wall Ball Love.














Guys vs Gals, max plank hold of hands.
Battle of the sexes, gals aways win..dominate ladies :)

With a running clock, start in different sections today so the rowers do not get jammed up for row time.

100 Calorie Row or Ski
100 KB Swing*  or Push Press* with a KB in each hand
100 Pulls-(Mix your pulls anyway.  Examples: pull ups, chin ups, ring rows, high pull with a KB, bent over row, rope pulls, plank rows…all pulling counts, mix your reps and get 100 great pulls today)

*Holladay Gym
100 Bulgarian Bag Clean or Push Press

Choose your own loads today.  We are tracking the row for your score…go hard on the row.

Post WOD
Stretch, Foam Roll and Smile


9:30 WOD and Free Daycare at Holladay Gym

Challenge: 5×5 Hang Snatch. Focus on form and technique.
3rds for time
10 Overhead Squats 95/65#
15 Push-Ups
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups

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