Monday WODS and announcements for Fitness Elevated!!!






This weekend we will help host Fitness Elevated.

About Fitness Elevated, click below:

Fitness Elevated was started by Tommy five years ago with the hopes of finding the fittest Utah CrossFitter’s in the state!  This year we will be hosting 200 athletes from Utah and a our surrounding states.  The competition will take place at Ute CrossFit Holladay Friday and Equestrian Park and Event Center on Saturday.

Our dear friend and mentor, Damon Stewart,  of  Wasatch CrossFit  is the event director and the man running the show this weekend.

Many of you are participating in the event as athletes, if you would like to show support by volunteering please visit the link below.  If you would just like to watch and cheer on athletes, please do so.  The event is grass roots, fun and there are plenty of people to cheer for that you know!


To volunteer click below!


Friday Ute CrossFit Holladay will be on a shortened schedule in order to host the event.  We will run morning classes only
5:30, 630, 8:30 and 9:30am.

9:30am  Wod and Daycare will be the last class of the morning so the gym can be set up for the event.  So all Holladay gym regulars, please plan accordingly, by training early or using the Sugar House or Downtown gyms for training on Friday 11/22.

Good luck to all of your competing, have fun and go for it!

Double Under and Jump Rope work.
The clock will be set for 5:00, get focused work in and help from your coach today.
Three 5:00 stooges!  Rest 2:00 between each stooge.

1-5:00 Amrap
10 Calorie Row
10 Wall Ball

2-5:00 Amrap
20 Box Step
5 Burpee Box Jump

10 Hollow Rock
10 Sit Up
5 Clapping Push Up (Sub with Push Up)

We will track score for AMRAP 1 only today, no sandbagging allowed!

Post WOD
3x:30 Prone Cobra
3×3 OHS Sots Press Combo
3x:20 Sampson Stretch
3x:20 Hamstring Stretch

9:30 WOD and Daycare  at Holladay Gym Same as above!

We like these words by ET, the grind is good, in every corner of your.  Being comfortable is good and feels nice, but don’t forget what got you there…GRIND always.

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