Tuesday WOD by coach Mandi and Pilates day 3!!!


Coach Mandi, lady of Ute CrossFit Allstars.













“Rowling Challenge!”
5 rounds.

Pre WOD #2
3 Rounds each for each partner!
Partner A: 250m Row

Partner B: Burpee
-Partner A rows a 250m as fast as they can with the intent to not let their partner rack up burpees…  Partner B is trying to  beat partner A, by completing more burpees each round…then switch!  The goal is to work off of each other, support each other and work hard against each other…there for you improve.


Front Rack Weighted Lunges
3×6 Each Leg (Attempt heavy!!)
3x400m Run (Run fast)

Post WOD
400m Heavy Plate Carry

7:30pm Pilates at Holladay Gym, just so you know best outfit scores points and earns prizes…we know there are many of you who are dying to break out here.

Reminder Holladay Gym people:

Friday we will be on a short schedule and run morning classes only.  Please plan accordingly…we will be hosting the Fitness Elevated Competition and the gym will be occupied and closed for normal gym wods.

We will run 5:30, 6:30, 8:30 and 9:30am only on Friday.

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