Monday WODS

Tabata: 8 rounds each:
Flutter Kicks then V-Ups
Score is lowest round on each movement.

400m Run
50 Wall Ball 20/14#
400m Run
50m Bear Crawl
400m Run
50 Knees to Elbow
400m Run
50 Burpee Box Jump

Time Cap 22:00

Have a goal in mind on how fast each of your 400m runs are going to be.  Have a goal on  how or if you are going to split up your reps for all of your movements today.  Know your strategy before you start today, see if you can hold yourself to it today.  These types of workouts are easy to set a pace and just finish, do better than that today.  Hold yourself to a standard and hit it.

Post WOD
3×5 Ring Row
3x:20 Prone Cobra
2:00 EP Row or Jog

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