Wednesday WODS Options.


Option Day
Pick 3 lifts that you would like to find your 1RM on today.  Be safe and do plenty of warm up sets, it is suggested to do this in pairs or small groups. Even if your pair or group is a different level than you, make sure you are lifting with others today.  It matters when going big and it is safer.


Option 2

In partners:

3 Rounds
7 Power Clean @ 70%1rm
1:30 Row
We will do this in pairs, working off of each other  today, but the focus is to earn negative splits on each Row.  That is what we are tracking.
So each person in a pair will go 3x each, one resting while the other works.

Rest 5:00


3 Rounds
7 Front Squat using the same load you cleaned!
50 Double Under/25 Frog Jumps (Track the time this DU/Frog Jumps take you)

The goal with todays interval weight training is to move moderately on the wieght lifting and move fast and with the attempt to earn negative splits on the breathing portion of the workouts.  We working in pairs so we have set rest but the focus in your individual splits and to push each other, not to work to finish all the sets as fast as you can in pairs, hopefully that is clear.

Post WOD
Mobility Work


9:30 WOD and Free Daycare at Holladay Gym

5×3 Strict Press @ 70%
5×3 Knee Jumps or Broad Jumps
WOD: 4rds for time. Rest 1min btw rds.  Max effort on each round.  Goal=negative splits on row.
10 Push Press w/Bulgarian Bags
10 Burpee lateral hop over Bulgarian Bag
250m Row

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