Thursday WODS and “Ugly Sweater/Spandex Bottoms” Holiday Party!! 12/20













5×3 Deadlift @ 70% 1rm

Then on the minute for 10:00
5 SDHP 75/55
6 Box Jump 20/16”
7 Push Up

The goal is to move as fast as you can and earn your rest within the minute so you can recover and move fast for the following rounds.
Post WOD
Jump Rope work 5:00, if you are trying to work on foot strength and working your foot into a more minimal shoe it would be a good idea to do this with no shoes.


We invite all of our members to the best Holiday Party of the month!
“Ugly Sweater/Spandex Bottoms” Shindig!!!

It’s December, it is snowy and cold, we are festive and a little weird too…

Seems that an “Ugly Sweater/Ugly Spandex Bottoms” party is necessary.

Best costume prizes for individuals and families.

Games, food, hydration options and fun.

Well okay then!

12/20 6:30pm Holladay Gym

Kids and friends welcome, but costume must be taken serious!

Bring a dish and a beverage. 

Pot luck style. 

RSVP on comments if you can come and what you will bring. Lets celebrate a great year together. 

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