Tuesday WOD and Pilates!


Coach Mandi, just resting during her 26th Bar Muscle Up.

Coach Mandi, just resting during her 26th Bar Muscle Up.













Pilates is a hit! You all need it, you all love it and Laura is amazing!  We have two major Holiday’s coming up, so we want to let you know that the Tuesday classes the week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve will be pushed out to the Friday of that week.

Dates of December:

Pilates 12/24 will be pushed out to 12/27.
Pilats 12/31 will be pushed out to 1/3.

Both Friday classes will be held at 7:30pm.

Please plan accordingly and spread the word.

12/14 Saturday Holladay Classes are canceled.  We are hosting a Level 1 Certification class, so Saturday homies, please plan for your Saturday session to take place at the Sugar House Gym this Saturday coming up!

12/20 Holiday Gym Party
–Ugly Sweater/Ugly Spandex Potluck Party
Please join us Friday 6:30pm for our annual Holiday Gym Party.

Please wear proper attire or be ready to be ridiculed if not! Bring an item to share food or drink.

Kids, families and friends are welcome.  We will have games and best dressed prizes, the night is to celebrate what we are thankful for and to be festive.

Please post to comments if you can join us!


5×5 SLDL
Pick what works for you today. Barbell, KB or no load.
5×5 Broad Jump

Our goal with the above is to load the hamstrings and glutes and then to make them work! Hold perfect controlled form, make your hamstrings work on the SLDL take a few breaths…then wake your hamstrings and glutes up with explosive broad jumps.  Use each jump to get max distance, don’t rush through your set!
In small groups:
5×5 Press @ 70%1rm or the heaviest load you can hold for five reps.
Rest 2:00 between reps.
2:00 Max Rep Press 65/45#
Take turns in your group.  Cheer each other on, keep each other HONEST.

800m Row
20 Burpee
20 Box Jumps
For time.

Today’s score are the 2:00 max and time for WOD 2.

Post WOD
3x:20 Prone Cobra
Foam Roll/Stretch

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