Thursday WOD

3-5 Rounds
6 TGU 25/15#
1:00 Strict Plank Hold

Sets like the above are good to add in weekly, so you can focus on you midline, open your hips up and get your shoulders awake and set as well.

The above is good for “core” focus and for a simple add in for active recovery, use the above on your own and add it in weekly on your own, it will help you.

5×5 Hang Clean @ 70% 1rm
5×3 Tuck Jump
On the 2:00 mark.

1 Round
2 Wall Walk
50 Air Squat
10 Squat Jumps
50 Mountain Climber
10 Push Ups
50 Flutter Kicks
10 V Ups
50 Up Downs
10 Hollow Rocks
2 Wall Walk

Post WOD
3×5 Ring Row
3x:10 Prone Cobra

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