Monday WOD

Our Holliday/Winter gear is in!  If you would like shipped order's please email:

Our Holliday/Winter gear is in! If you would like shipped order’s please email:

100m Farmer Carry go as heavy as you can.
100m Walking Lunge for time.
This is to be done indoor.  We will have an indoor “track” to walk.
15:00 Amrap
5 Wall Walk
5 Box Jumps 24/20″
5 Turkish Get Up (Aim to have even reps on both sides at the end of the workout)
5 Burpee Pull Up
5 Goblet Squat 24/16kg
Post WOD
500m Row
Holladay Gym
Sled Push for time.
3 Attempts, cycle through your class as your rest.Load the sleds up guys 2×45 plates, ladies 1x45lb plate.1 Burpee
40 Yard Sled Push (Down and Back)
1 Burpee
For time.

Then time on the monkey bars.  Try to make it across the set, if you are not ready, then work on your double under’s!  Time Cap 8:00.
15:00 Amrap25 Double Under
5 Pull Up
2 Wall Walk
5 Bulgarian Bag Squat Clean
2×40 yard Sprints
5 Bulgarian Bag Snatch
2 Broad Jumps

Post WOD
500m Row Cool Down

9:30 WOD and Daycare at Holladay GymChallenge: Explain and set up for WOD
WOD:Chipper Monday!
10 movements, 50 reps of each movement.  Go in any order you want. Time cap is 25min. Whatever time is left row for max calories.
1.Double Unders
2.Ab Mat Sit Ups
3.Bulgarian Bag Front Squats 17/12kg
4.Walking Lunges (25 ea. leg)
5.Grasshoppers (25 ea. leg)
6.Battle Ropes (25 reps ea. arm. Coach will instruct you on movement)
7.Jumping Pull-Ups
9.Bulgarian Bag Swings
10.Flutter Kicks
Post Work:3x:20 sec Prone Cobra, 3x:30 Plank Hold

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