Monday WOD Christmas Week!!!

Pre WOD Pick 1:
Alternate bettween
(8 rounds total, :20 work :10 rest)
V-ups/Air Squats

100m Plate Carry 2×35/2x25lbs

100 DU Buy In, Then:
5 Rounds:
10 Push Up
5 Pull UP
5 Toe to Bar
10 Wall Ball 20/14# or Thruster  65/45# (Pick one)
5 Frog Jump
5 KB American Swing 16kg/12kg
10 Box Jumps 20/16″
Rest 1:00
500m Row or 200DU or 500m Ski or 50 Cal Bike
Rest 1:00
5 Wall Walks (Sub 40 Strict Press with BB (65/45#)
For time.

Post WOD
Stretch, Foam Roll

Top time of each class earns a sweat band by your coach.

9:30 WOD and Day care at Holladay, same as above!


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