Tuesday WOD! 2013










Last week TJ said the words we love to hear most.  “That was the most humbling workout, I have every done.”  We love to hear that from our people because we know it gives people the option to evaluate and to grow.  That is the reason we show up to the gym and “workout”.   Be better, analyze yourself, what you do, who is in your life, how you can be better, how you can better serve others…and make changes.

Team Row

Complete the 2013m row in any way with your partner.  One partner row’s while the other partner holds a set of KB’s in the racked position, knuckles together (2×24/16kg)
your team can opt for a squat hold…DO NOT let your bottom, bottom out!  Once the holding partner breaks their hold, each partner must stop complete 2 burpee each and then switch!
Top times of class are awarded sweat bands and a star.

On the minute for 8:00
5 Back Squats 135/95
5 Air Squats

4×10 Not for time or speed but the focus is perfect movement.
Pull Up or Ring Row
Deck Squat or Sit Up
Push Up or Knee Push Up
Split Jump or Lunge

Score today is team time and Front Squat Load.

Our air quality is not super…so today we will share our breathing work with our partner and the rest of the day is set for lifting and focusing on good movement.

We will be closing early tonight, please see our schedule changes..they are minimal but make sure you look.  We will be closed 1/1/14 and by popular demand we will be running a full schedule 1/2/14!  So early classes are ago.  We had posted earlier in the week that we would open late on 1/2/14…but what the people want the people get!

Our Pilates class will also be this Friday 1/3/14 at 7:30, we will not host it on New Years Eve.

Please write down some tangible goals for the upcoming year, in the gym, in your personal life and at work.  We will be needing this info for our upcoming nutrition challenge!

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