Friday WOD and Pilates at 7:30pm!


Hang Clean LOVE.

Hang Clean LOVE.











Tabata Love or hate.
16 Rounds, :20 work :10 rest.
Cycle between the 4 movements.
Air Squat
Push Up
Sit Up
Jumping Jack
During your :10 rest you must complete 1 burpee.

OHS  and SDHP Warm Up 3×3, prepping for your WOD.

3 Rounds
10 OHS 95/65
400m Row/Ski/Run/50 Cal Bike
*Holladay Gym 40m Sled Push to sub for 400m work.
3 Rounds
10 SDHP 95/65
10 Back Stepping Lunges w Bar in Front Rack
10 Chest to bar pull up
3 Rounds
5 Kipping Pull Ups
5 Chin ups
5 Toes to Bar

For time.
Time Cap is 18:00!!

Post WOD
Foam Roll, Prone Cobras!!!!
3x:20 Holds.


Please join the amazing Laura Kelly for night time Pilates, 7:30pm at Holladay Gym.  Next week we will be back to normal with Tuesday night Pilates for CrossFitting Fools.

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