Clean Eating/Do what you say challenge.

The Holidays are D O N E

We would like to take the next 6 weeks to help you clean some things up.  In the past we have done different types of Nutrition Challenges.  We would like to keep this one simple and first off, let you know we will not be holding your hand, you cannot have a rapid overhaul with your body composition or training goals in just 6 weeks, and to have things happen that you want, you have to take total control with good support to do so.  So that is what is going down, you are taking control and we are your support.

Those that think they can change up habits for just 30 days and have good solid, lasting  results from it will quickly become let down, discouraged and find themselves back to where they started.  It just does not work that way.

The habits that you will be working on changing in these next weeks are supposed to stick with you.  This is a time for you to learn new habits, stop bad ones and figure out how to take care of your body properly with food, water, sleep, training and positive people. Get waste out of your body and your day.

We will be giving information out over topics that include food/training/sleep/hydration/and mobility practices.
-Meetings will be held every Thursday Night 7pm at the Holladay Gym.

January 13-February 24th Block 1, will be our clean up focus  for everyone who would like to participate.

For those of you who keep your commitments during that time, we invite you to commit to another 6 weeks of focus, Block 2, so we can give you more direction and attention.  After 12 weeks, we will invite that small group who kept their commitments to another 6 weeks, Block 3.  This group will be very small, but they will have lasting changes and have full support and guidance from us to get the changes they are seeking.



Step 1:
Get your measurements and weight.
Thursday 1/10 Sugar House Gym 6-8pm
Friday 1/11 Holladay Gym 5:30-7:30

We will have sign up sheets posted, each evaluation takes 20 minutes.

Basic Package includes:

  •      Body fat %: Measurement of body weight that is contributed to body fat.
  •       Lean Muscle Mass %:  Measurement of body weight that is contributed to lean muscle mass.
  •       Body circumference: Circumference measurements are a great tool to help track your fitness progress. Helps to track inches lost and gained throughout the entire body.
  •       $60 for Ute Cross Fit Members. Includes re-evalutation 6-8 weeks later. *Body fat testing is not required but is useful if you want to do it. Initial weigh in will be required even if your goal isn’t to lose lbs.

Step 2:
Write down goals that are tangible.  Commit to a plan of action for 6 weeks.

Examples of 3 goals:
-Sleep 8 hours
-Train 4 days week + run 1x
-Dont drink soda

Examples of plans of action:
-Paleo Plan
-Zone Plan
-Calorie Restriction Plan
-Gluten Free Sugar Free
-No Booze
-Eat real food, and more protein
-Don’t eat out
-Cook all meals from home

(Come up with guidelines that you can follow that will allow you to win your goal, if you need help a ask your coach or email us for help

Step 3:
Complete the Benchmark WOD
-We will complete a WOD next week Monday and Tuesday, so we will have a benchmark to retest after 6 week, 12 weeks (for some) and 18 weeks for those who are really committed.

Step 4:
Keep track of your work.  We will provide tracking sheets so you can keep track of your daily progress and so we can evaluate them at the end of each block.  This will help us to award prizes to the committed.

Step 5:
Use your support.
-You all have a coach or two in the gym or a buddy that you lean on for support, let that person or those people know you are looking to them for support and guidance.               They can help to keep you accountable and up when you need it.
-We will offer a free Thursday Night Challenge Class, here we will give info on how to reach your goals.  Info on food plans, food, sleep, training, hydration, mobility etc.

Step 6:
Do what you say.  Again, if you say you are going to do it, you have to do it. Transformation is dependent on keeping promises and integrity more than anything else.

After 6 weeks we will collect your score sheets, so you can be accountable. We will award people who made changes, prizes and high fives will be dealt out and we will invite those who made changes into the next Block of focus.

Sunday we will give a talk at 10am at the SH gym for anyone who needs direction with what food plan to follow or if you need help making guidelines for this challenge. 



The main prizes that will be given out to the top 2 winners of each block are below.  Smaller prizes will be give out to the overall top 5 from each block.

Prizes for the top 2 of each block.
Block 1
Ute CF Apparel
1 Free Private Session for training.
Small Cash Prize

Block 2
Reebok CF Shoes
1 Free Private Session for training
Medium Cash Prize

Block 3
Reebok Apparel
1 Free Private Session
Large Cash Prize
1 Free Month of Membership

Each person participating will put in $10.  The total pot of money will go to winners and prizes. Drop your money in the money bins we will have out with your name on an attached list so we know who is in the challenge.

Again, if you have questions please email us!  We are here to help.

Sugar House Gym
10-1 Ladder Russian KB Swing, take only 2 breaths between each set.
Holladay Gym
6 x Turkish Get Up, each rep must last 1:00 total minute. Use light items.

Buy in: 100 Walking Lunge Steps
5 x 10 Toes to Bar and Wall Ball 20/14#
Cash out 100 Walking Lunge Steps . For time
Same as above.
Buy in: 50 Walking Lunges Steps Box Steps 12″/8″
4×8 Knee Tucks  and Wall Ball 14/12#
Cash out: 50 Walking Lunge Steps
Buy in: 50 Box Step 12″
4×8 Leg Lifts and Wall Ball 12/10#
Cash out: 50 Box Step 12″

Post WOD
4x:5 Horse Stance
Roll out hips for 3:00 minutes!









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