Wednesday WODS

Your coach will lead you through a full session of Iron Scap and how to incorporate it into your training.  Activation will wake up your shoulder muscles, Iron Scap will strengthen them and better your posture over time.  Important, please use the band correctly and USE often.

3x 5-1 Ladder of Strict Pull Up + Ring Dip then,
 5×2 Muscle-up (rest 1:00 BTR)Rx
2x 5-1 Ladder Strict Pull Up + Ring Dip
4×2 MU (rest 1:00 BTR)RxM
2×5-1 Assisted Pull Ups + Assisted Ring Dips
4×2 High Kipping Swing only from the Rings or the Bar

5×5 Bent over Row with 5-15lbs + 5×5 Knee Push Ups
4x:10 Hang from the bar with activated scaps.

Holladay Gym
Tabata Sled Push with a partner 16x:20/:10
Tabata Run & Bulgarian Bang Clean 16x:20/:10
(Complete 8 rounds with a run (inside) then 8 rounds with a bag)

SH and DT Gym
Tabata 16x:20/:10
Russian Swing and Headcutter Rotate Between the two.
Choose your own load.

Post WOD
2:00 Max Meters Row
Cool down jog 200m or walk, stretch, roll.
Score today is 2:00 Row.
9:30 Daycare WOD at Holladay Gym
Challenge: Gymnastic skill work. 10min to complete 3 x 5-1 Ladders.
Perfect Push-Up
Strict Pull-Ups
Hollow Rocks
WOD: Jumps and Swings
20 Box Jumps 24/20′
5 Bulgarian Bag American Swings 17/12kg
15 Box Jumps
10 Swings
10 Box Jumps
15 Swings
5 Box Jumps
20 Swings
End with 100 Double Unders

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