Friday WODS-Travel Bugs

This week and this weekend we will have many of our coaches away on travel!
Tommy, Tyler and Alli currently away.  This evening Mandi and Brennen will also leave.

So we will host all classes as usual, but be nice to your coaches, they will be pulling odd early and late hours and you will see a few familiar faces helping us out!  We have many Level 1 Certified members and we have asked Nathan Gomez, Rob Smith and Tommy Zitting to cover a few of our classes early Friday and Monday at the Holladay gym.  So have fun, it will be a good change up and they get to put some practice hours in on what they have been studying.

Safe travels to Tyler while he does some interviews for med school.  Alli gets to travel with her husband Cory to visit family in Alabama. Tommy is in Boston doing work with Kill Cliff and Mandi and Brennen will be meeting him there to participate in another competition!

Please take a look at our FB group to get updates on how they do this weekend.

Thank you coaches and members who are holding down the fort while we have people away.  Safe travels everyone!  Today will be a doosy, see your work below!


3×5-1 Strict Ring Row & HSPU (Get going as coach explains the day of training, these will take a bit.  Be warm and ready!)

3×5-1 Strict Ring Row & Elevated Feet Push Ups

2×5-1 Ring Row & Perfect Push Ups

5-1 Ring Row or Jumping Pull Up Negative & Assisted Push Ups

Fight Gone Bad Style
3 Full Rounds, 1:00 at each start ion, transition right into each movement as the next minute begins.  Have a pre set amount of reps you know you will hit each round.  Try to predict your score today.

Total Reps is score today.

1:00 KB Swing 24/16kg (Holladay sub Bulgarian Bag Clean)
1:00 Walking Lunge
1:00 Weighted Burpee (Plate) 25lb/15lb
1:00 Cal Row or Ski
1:00 Sled Push or DU

1:00 KB 16kg/12kg
1:00 Walking Lunge
1:00 Weighted Burpee (Plate) 15lb/10lb
1:00 Cal Row or Ski
1:00 Sled Push or DU

1:00 KB Swing with light KB or KB Deadlift
1:00 Back Step Lunge or low Box Step
1:00 Up Down or Prisoner Hop
1:00 Cal Row or Ski
1:00 Sled Push our Single Jump Rope/Line Jum

Post WOD
3:00 Jog/Row/Bike/Ski Cool Down
Foam Roll Love

9:30 WOD and Daycare at HolladayChallenge: 10-1 Perfect Push-Ups & Hollow Rocks. Work on Perfect Form!

Wod:  3, 5min AMRAPS. 2min rest in btw wods.
1.) 10 Box Jumps 24/20′
     10 Bulgarian Bag Cleans 17/12kg
2.)  30 Double Unders
      30 Mountain Climbers
3.) 40m Sprint or Scale up to 40m Sled Push
     10 Toes2Bar
      5  Bulgarian Bag Snatches

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