Monday WODS


10×10 Air Squat
Rx+/Rx Rest :5 seconds between sets.  Complete the each set 1 rep per second.  Only rest the given amount, if you fail to do either at any point, track it and complete a 200m Row spring/fail

10×10 Air Squat
Rest :10.  Aim to complete each set in 10-12 seconds. Fail to do so = 200m Row Sprint/fail  post wod

10×10 Air Squat
:15 rest between sets. Complete your set in :20 0r less.  Fail = 200m Row Sprint/fail post wow.

If you happen to forget how low you need to get on a squat, please grab a ball so it can remind you.  Hip joint should be just below the knee creese, add plates under a ball if needed.

In heats, open gym style…track your own splits.  Score is worst split.
3 Rounds
10 Box Jump 24″/20″
500m Row/or Ski/or 2:00 DU
Rest 2:00 between rounds

Sub 10 Box Jumps for lower box or box steps.

Rest 5:00 (counting the 2:00 of rest from last round), then:

Then: 10:00 Amrap
5 reps each
Deck Squat
Toes to Bar
Knee to Elbow

10:00 Amrap
5 reps each
Sit Up
Knee Tuck
Bar taps

Rest 2:00

Then 1:00 Max Burpee Test

9:30 WOD and Daycare, same as above!

Happy Birthday to coach Alli, Rob Smith and Winston!!  Each of these special people had a birthday in the last few days/today.  Coach Mandi, feel free to have Winston do a little extra birthday work, Tommy is taking care of Rob and Alli has a new house to worry about!

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