Tuesday WOD/Interval Love and Pilates

Interval Day at Downtown, please note the 4:30pm class is closed for private group training every Tues/Thursday for the next 4 months.
Interval Class at Holladay 6am & 6pm
Pilates with Queen Laura 7:30pm at Holladay Gym

Spend 10:00 warming up and working up to a heavy Clean and Jerk.

For those of you who need some guidance on this movement please follow your coaches instruction in a group warm up and progression.  If this is a new movement or one that you are not comfortable with please t use guidance from your coach to go lighter working in good reps, or to practice pieces of the movement, dips, high pulls etc.

Rx+/Rx warm up well and get up to 80%1rm.
RxM warm up with your coach and work up to 65-70%1rm
RxM+ warm up with your coach work up to 50%1rm focusing on form and good reps

30 Squat Clean & Jerk  “Grace-ish”
@ 70%1rm (Rx+/Rx)

30 Clean and Push Press @ 55%rm

Hang Clean
Push Press (Load a bar at 35-45%1rm)

5×3 Pausing Front Squat@ 70%1rm (Rx+/Rx) 50%1rm (RxM) 35%1rm (RxM+)
Down in :3 seconds, pause :3 seconds at the bottom and up with good posture!

Post WOD
4x:30/:30 Mountain Climber/Rest in Top of Push Up Position

Score today is
Grace time and load, and Front Squat Load.


For those of us who are following the clean eating challenge we are in our 4th week of our first 6 week block!  Stay on track, please join us  Thursday 7:30pm at Holladay Gym for extra homework help.  We will be focusing on how to improve on OHS, hip mobility and recovery practices.

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