Thursday WOD/Interval Love and Holladay Meeting

Folks who are participating in the challenge, please feel free to join in on tonights meeting, we will be going over a few movements, OHS, mobility and recovery practices.
Holladay Gym at 7:30pm

Warm Up for Bench Press

5×5 Close Grip Bench Press

Work in groups, change weights out quickly to keep class flow going.

2 Power Snatch + 5 Deadlift @ 60% Snatch Max Rx+/Rx

2 Hang High Pull + 5 Deadlift @ 40-60% Snatch Max RxM/RxM+

100 Russian KB Swings, Complete 10 Push Ups/Drop
Choose own load 24/16 Rx+/Rx

50 Russian KB Swings, Complete 5 Push Ups/Drop RxM

50 KB SDHP, Complete 5 Push Ups/Drop RxM+

Holladay Sub for Bulgarian Bag Swings etc.

Post WOD
Roll out/Stretch

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