Our Hero, Brian Allen WOD

Today we honor and remember our friend Brian Allen, 43 years young.

This week we lost one of our friends and gym members, to a battle with Leukemia.  We do not have much information yet, but we do know that he left us on Feb 4th surrounded by his loved ones in Park City.

This past spring Brian began his battle with Leukemia, he kept it to himself…we went to visit him in the hospital and to send our love but all his focus was, was beating his battle at hand and not making a deal our it.

When he would get out of a treatment, the first thing he would do was  arrive back to the gym to get back so he would not lose his progress.  This happened a few times this year, and every time he would leave us for a month to complete his treatments, he always came right back just as he had left,  with a smile, with a purpose and  not at all beaten.

Many of us at the Sugar House gym were lucky to have known Brian, he was a regular for the afternoon wods.  He was big, strong, kind and always put forth effort, and most of all  he always smiled.

When it was really hot, when the workout started to get really bad…he always did his work with a casual smile, when the rest of the group was definately not.  So today we would like to do a workout that is Brian style, the below workout is a mix of stuff he liked and was good at.

We want to celebrate him in our walls and in our day today.  He was a gentle, kind soul full of humility and drive.. all things we can individually work on and add into our selves, which will make us better people.

We are lucky to have had time with Brian, and today is for him.  Today’s workout must be done with a smile, remember Brian, be thankful for our days, be thankful for what you have in your life, make the most of all of them all of the time.


Brian on one of his many days, in doing work on his own to get back.

Brian on one of his many days, in doing work on his own to get back.












2k row
60 wallballs 20/14#
30 cleans 135/95
15 push press 135/95

RxM Modify Loads.
RxM+ Modify Loads and cut all reps in half.

Post WOD
800m Jog or Row

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