Monday WOD: Pausing Back Squats and Frun.

Warm up for Back Squats!!

Pausing Back Squat (Pause :2 seconds at the bottom of each back squat.

2×4@ 75%
3×3 @ 80%

Complete 5 Strict Pull Up/Hand stand push ups. NO KIPPING on either movement.

Then 5:00 Amrap
1 Thruster, 2 Pull Up 95/65#
3 Thruster, 4 Pull Up
5 Thruster, 6 Pull Up
7 Thruster, 8 Pull Up
9 Thruster, 10 Pull Up
11 Thruster, 12 Pull Up…etc time cap, 5:00 minutes.

Same as above, except sub strict HSPU for Ring Push Ups

2×4@ 65%
3×3 @ 70%

Complete 5 Ring Row and 5 Push Up between sets

Frun-use lighter loads i.e. 65/45# and assisted pull ups.

5×5 Back Squat @ 65%1rm
Between sets complete 5 assisted pull ups and push ups.

Frun- use lighter loads i.e. 55/35# and ring row or assisted pull ups

Post WOD
3×3 OHS Sots Press Combo
3x:20 Super man Hold

9:30 WOD and Daycare at Holladay Gym

10:00 Amrap
Body Wt Movements/Sled Push and Battle Rope fun by Mandi

Rest 3:00

10:00 of  Cardio Fun: Bike/Row/Ski/Run

Rest 3:00

5:00 of Core Fun

Post WOD 
Stretch/Roll/Cool down

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