Tuesday WOD 2.18.14

Pre-WOD: 15 Muscle-ups for time
RXM/RXM+ work muscle-up progressions (3×5 ring row + 3×5 ring push-up) OR work on kipping pull-up progressions

15:00 to get as many reps as possible. Each person is responsible for changing own weight. Encouraged to jump and touch a target 6″ above your reach for the burps (pull-up bars are a good target for most).
35 burpees
25 snatch 75/45
25 burpees
25 snatch 135/85
15 burpee
25 snatch 165/115
5 burpees
spend remaining time doing snatches at 205/135
*If you cannot snatch 205/135 but finish the workout up to that point, record what time is on the clock when you finish your last 5 burpees.

don’t once you get to 15 burpees, do another 25 snatches with 135/95, don’t go up in weight past 135/95.

Do first set of snatches at 75/45, all snatches after that done at 95/65. Hang Snatches okay.

All Hang Snatches. First set of snatches at 65/35. All snatches after at same weight. Focus on great technique.


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