Thursday WOD Retest! Yep, “Tripple Fran”

Today we retest our Benchmark “Triple Fran”.  We completed this about 6 weeks ago and here we are ready to see where we stand.  The first 6 weeks our our challenge block comes to a close this Monday.  We would like everyone to complete the benchmarks again and compare them to your first scores, if you have been coming in eating well, sleeping well then you will have improved.

Along with that, take note of goals you set for your self, test them out in the next few days…did you improve?  If you did what you said then you should have reached the set goals.

March 1st 9-12pm @ Holladay Gym, Bryn will be retesting body composition for those of you who signed up to do so.  We will have sign up sheets posted by Friday.

For any challengers who have questions and would like to meet for follow up, we will be meeting 7:30pm Thursday night at the Holladay Gym.

“Triple Fran”
Perform Fran once every 5:00. Start workout at 0:00, 5:00, and 10:00
Triple Fran
Thurster/Pull Up 95/65#
Triple Fran with 15-12-9 rep scheme
Fran (just once) @ 75/55 lbs and modified pull-up
Fran (just once) @ 65/35 lbs and modified pull-up
Post WOD
On the minute for 5:00
Rx+: 15 Burpee
Rx: 12 Burpee
RxM: 9 Burpee
RxM+: 6 Burpee
Prone Cobra Hold 3x:20

(Below is a past post, recap to review challenge details)
Today is Day 1 of our Clean Up Challenge, many of you who want to participate were not able to make the meetings we had the last few days…that is okay!

For the next 6 weeks we are in a challenge, it is for you…we keep score, but it is for you to make changes that will clean up your life.  Clean up what you eat, how you train, how you sleep, how you hydrate, how much stress you allow…all of that.  It is not a 6 week, crash diet.  We are setting habits that will stay put.

You need to sit down and goal set.  Come up with a few goals that are real, form a plan of action how you can get those three goals in 6 weeks.   We will have 3 blocks of this 6 week goal/setting/tracking period.

Thursday at 7:30pm at Holladay gym we will host meetings to go over your plan, or give you direction if you need it.

Refer back to this post to get all details of the challenge and tracking system.

Monday and Tuesday this week we will complete the Bench Mark WODS, then retest them in 6 weeks.

If you are participating, you will need to take a scorecard that will be uploaded to our FB group and out for you to take one at your gym, then you will need to pay $10 and include a piece of paper attached to your $10 that include your name, your 3 goals and your plan of action.

The $10 is going to be used for prizes throughout the challenge, it also is your “buy in”, it helps for some.

Keep track daily of what you are doing, then after 6 weeks we retest and then invite those that stayed committed to their goals to the second block of focus.

If you have any questions please email or ask your coaches to help you out.

Our theme for this Challenge, is “Do what you say.”


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