Monday Jackie Re-test!

CrossFit and Basic CrossFit WOD’s
EMOM 10:00
do 5 pull-ups on the even minutes and 5 barbell thrusters on the odd minutes

WOD- “Jackie”
1000m Row
50 thrusters with 45lb barbell
30 pull-ups
for time

post WOD
5×3 pausing Front squat @ 60% 1RM
Each rep: 3 seconds down, 3 seconds hold at bottom, fast up.

Mommy and Daddy Daycare WOD’s

Challenge:5×5 Front Squats. Super set with 5 Perfect Push-Ups and 5 Strict Pull-Ups.
WOD:3rds for time
400m Run
20 Squat Cleans w/Bag 17/12kg
10 Toes2 Bar

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