Wednesday July 30th- Pull Up Biathlon! Strongman 101, Ladies Night, T-Shirt Order!

The Star Spangled Barbell Tanks and Tees:  We will be putting in one last order for these awesome tees and tanks, so if you didn’t get the color and/or size you wanted please fill out one of the sheets at your gym with your coach for your order.  This will be a pre order and pre pay type of process.

Attend one of our specialty classes and change up your training with Strongman 101 and Ladies Night this Wednesday!!

Wednesday July 30th- Pull Up Biathlon!!!

Pre Work: 3 Rounds
Handstand holds 20-30 seconds
10x BB goodmornings

Run 400 meters
18x Pull ups
Run 400 meters
15x Pull ups
Run 400 meters
12x Pull ups
* every time you break on your pull ups there is a 200 meter run penalty!
Score= Time & how many 200’s completed.
Post Work: 3x:30 seconds prone cobra hold and  3x:20 seconds samson stretch.  Roll out calves, IT bands, and quads.

Daycare WOD
Challenge: 6×3 Overhead Squats at 75-80%. Superset with 3 Broad Jumps-working on explosiveness and max distance.
WOD: 3rds for time
400m Run
5 Hang Snatches 95/65#
5 Strict Chin UpsRest 3-5min

500m Row for time