Wednesday WOD – GET IT!

Pre WOD Ring Dips and Push Ups On the :30 for 5:00 Alternate Dips and Push Ups 5 reps each :30. Scale movements with bands. WOD On the 2:00 5 Front Squat @ 70% for 10:00 Then, try to complete the following: 5:00 Cut off: 100 Air Squat 100 DU 100

Saturday WOD

Holladay Gym 9am Group WOD 10am Free Intro! Drop ins  with CrossFit Experience welcome for all group classes today.  If you are new to CrossFit please attend one of our free Intro classes. Sugar House Gym 8, 9 and 10am Oly Class 6:30 11 and

Friday WOD

Pre WOD Pose Running Drills 10:00 WOD 2 mile Run for time. Rest 5:00, then: 100 KB Swings-Russian or 100 BB Cleans/Swings Eye Level Break up as needed. Then 3×3 Turkish Get Up.  Each Rep needs to last 1:00 Post WOD Crossover Symmetry

Wednesday WOD

Pre WOD 400m Heavy Carry.  Every stop/set down earns yourself a punishment 200m Row, post wod. WOD 10-1 Deadlift in small groups. Start with a lighter load and work your way up to a heavy single. Complete 1 heavy turkish get up on each side of

Monday WODS

Pre WOD 5×5 SLDL 5×10 Weighted Sit Ups or Toes to Bar WOD 5 rounds 10 Box Jump 24/20″ 10 Burpee Pull Up 100m Sprint Then immediately into: 2:00 Plank Hold.  Each break in your plank hold = 10 Push Ups added to your cool down.