Angie and Scott Turnbow

Angie and Scott Turnbow After the Nutrition Challenge

Angie and Scott Turnbow – After Nutrition Challenge

The Turnbow’s already looked good before the challenge.  They took this challenge on and stayed 100% for the whole 45 days.  Here is what they had to say about their experience and their circumference measurements pre to post challenge.

“The nutrition challenge was just supposed to be an opportunity for me to actually prove to myself that I could go without bread and dessert for more than 8 hours.  I really had no other expectations.  After nearly 45 days without bread or sugar as well as other levels of food I can honestly say I feel better now than any other point in my life.  For the last 6 or so years I have been working through various health ailments which according to the nutrition challenge documents could be attributed to my diet.  Some of you may have had the opportunity to witness me experience one of my essential tremor episodes; they are not only embarrassing but physically taxing as well. I shake uncontrollably, my body tries to fold in on itself and I lose the ability to speak.   The cause of my tremors is not clearly understood however anxiety and physical strain on my body are definitely contributors.  Since beginning the challenge my tremors have been reduced to almost nonexistent, I am significantly more relaxed and able physically to handle more in my workouts at CrossFit.  I have also been told that I have an autoimmune disorder however none of the many doctors I have seen in the past 2 years have been able to determine which one; the symptoms do not fit into any one category.  My most recent appointment was last spring where I was seen for severe chest pain previously attributed to nodules on my lungs. Unfortunately the most the doctors have been able to do for me is provide anti-inflammatory meds and another appointment.  CrossFit has definitely helped limber me up but I truly believe that it has been the change in my diet that has kept all my previous symptoms from surfacing again and new symptoms from appearing.   I would have to say the one change that I am the most excited about however is I am more even tempered, my kids just commented they could not remember the last time I yelled at them.   Overall I am better physically and mentally for participating in the nutrition challenge and plan on continuing to eat as though the challenge was still going.   I would highly encourage everyone to give it a try at least just once; who knows what you will find out about yourself.” Angie Turnbow

Angie Turnbow After Nutrition Challenge

Angie Turnbow – After

Arm – Same
Chest – Lost 1 inch
Waist – Lost 1 inch
Hips – Lost 1 inch
Thigh – Lost 1.5 inches
Angie Turnbow Before Nutrition Challenge

Angie Turnbow – Before

“The nutrition challenge has been very beneficial to me. I have lost 29 pounds and still kept my strength. My short term goals have been met, and my long term goal is to keep eating the way that I am programmed to now. I just need to eat more!. This is more difficult to do with a family that eats different than you do. The kids are good sports to try to change their eating habits. I am glad that I went through this challenge. It has put me back on path.” Scott Turnbow

Scott Turnbow After Nutrition Challenge

Scott Turnbow – After

Arm – Lost 1.6 inches
Chest – Same
Waist – Lost 6 inches WOW!!
Hips – Lost 3.8 inches
Thigh – Lost 2.3 inches
Scott Turnbow Before Nutrition Challenge

Scott Turnbow – Before