Bobbie Jo Hackenbruck

Bobbie Jo Hackenbruck

Co-owner and Coach

What I love:

  • My kids, my husband (who is also my kid).
  • Reading, training, and being around people who work hard at life.

My athletic career began when I was born, I have always been wild and full of energy.  Not the talking kind but the moving kind.  I grew up wishing to be the first “girl” in the NFL, when I stopped growing in 8th grade (short grandmother genes) I decided soccer and running would have to do.

I moved to Salt Lake City, from Denver to play soccer at the University of Utah.  I loved the fitness side of soccer more than I loved the game, so finding CrossFit a few years after college allowed me to find a happy spot that I now get to live every day!

I met my match while in college, Tommy, who also loves to move and compete.  He played for an excellent football team at the University of Utah.  I have learned from him since the day I met him on how to devote time to things you love in order to be the best you can at them.

We moved back to his hometown of Bend, Oregon after we were married.  We both took on jobs that were great, but not quite the fit in life that we wanted.

I started training soccer athletes, which led me certifications and knowledge from the NSCA and working for a great coach who had extensive knowledge of Corrective Exercise and the Chek Institute.  In between there I found CrossFit, and everyday has never been the same since.

We quickly got CrossFit Certified and moved back to Utah to open Ute CrossFit.  With the love and help of many great friends and family we have a great space for training and community.

CrossFit has allowed me to recover amazingly from an old back injury that I had playing college soccer. It introduced me to Pose Running, which has allowed me to run pain free and a lot!  It has given me power and strength to have two beautiful babies, and it gives me something to compete/participate at again.  My full time jobs are raising my kids and running our gym, Tommy and I share the duties and we are very lucky to do so.  I hope to share this love I have with other people so it can change their lives, as it has done for me and many of my friends and family members.


In the Gym

Bobbie’s enthusiasm for running gives her the edge to be an incredible endurance and running coach.  She privately trains clients and coaches our specialty WODs and Elements Program.  Her knowledge for coaching athletes through injury rehabilitation is vast.  Bobbie is very patient and with her experience rehabilitating her own back injury she understands rehabilitation from an athlete’s perspective.  She is an experienced CrossFit World Games athlete and marathon runner.

2011 CrossFit World Game Competitor

2011  Spartan Race Female Winner

2005 Boston Marathon Runner

2004 SLC Marathon Age Division Winner


Bobbie Jo Hackenbruck


CrossFit Certifications

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Endurance Certification

CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification

Other Experience


GYM Jones

Bobbie Jo Hackenbruck

Personal Records

Boston Marathon 3:23, SLC Marathon 3:23