Brennan Fjord

Brennan Fjord


All my life I’ve been a very active person and sports enthusiast, so after finishing my football career at Southern Utah University, CrossFit was the perfect transition for me in my life.  I was originally introduced to CrossFit May of 2010 by my dad.  He had found a gym in southwest Houston, had been attending for a few months and looked great!  He had lost 25 pounds.  I was home for the summer, training for football and decided I would give the CrossFit thing a try.  I’m glad I did because it gave me a foundation to build from.  Although my first impression with CrossFit was great I was still stuck in my ways about how a “collegiate athlete” should train.  I went back to my strength training and continued to do the slow monotonous workouts I had been doing my whole life.  My mind was quickly changed when I arrived at Southern Utah University after attending school and playing football at Snow College, a small Junior College in Central Utah.  One of the first conditioning tests our weightlifting coach at SUU had us do was the CrossFit workout Fran, and it absolutely floored me!  I could not get off the ground when I was done.  He incorporated many high intensity workouts into our training program and I continued to get better and excel at them, so when I finished football in December 2012 CrossFit was the perfect transition for the next stage of my life.

My favorite part about CrossFit is that it is for everyone, old and young.  Whether you come from an athletic background playing professional sports or you’ve never once stepped foot onto any type of field or court of competition, CrossFit can be tailored to your needs and goals.  I love to see people come into the gym with a goal in mind and then achieve that goal, and I promise to do everything in my power to assist you along the way.  It will test you mentally just as much as it will test you physically, but from that comes the changes that people desire so badly in their lives.  I am grateful and excited to work alongside so many amazing people, clients and coaches at Ute CrossFit.  It is an amazing place with an eclectic atmosphere where everyone is welcome to come and improve their lives.

In the Gym

Brennan is the newest member of the Ute CrossFit Family, we are happy to welcome him.  He has quickly taken to our CrossFit ways.  Although he is relatively new to CrossFit he participated in this year’s  Open and qualified and competed in the Southwest Regionals.   Brennan is great, he works hard and he coaches our CrossFit Kids.

2013 CrossFit Southwest Regionals Competitor, 15th Place



Personal Records

Front Squat 385, OH Squat 295, Power Clean 330

Grace 1:20, Karen 4:56

Brennan Fjord

CrossFit Certifications

CrossFit Level 1 Certification