CrossFit Basics WOD

Our CrossFit Basics WODs are open to any of our members who would like to improve their fitness level before moving into our general WOD classes.   CrossFit Basics classes are structured the same as other WODs but the workouts are scaled so you can improve your movements, strength and agility.

CrossFit scales to every ability and being familiar and comfortable with the foundations of CrossFit will increase your confidence in any workout.  Understanding your strengths and knowing when to scale will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Ute CrossFit members who are generally fit but are new to CrossFit we suggest CrossFit Basics WODs until you are comfortable with all of the foundation movements and understand how WODs are structured.  Ute CrossFit members who are fitness beginners, we recommend you attend CrossFit Basics WODs for as long as you like, until you feel ready to move into our other WOD classes.

We offer CrossFit Basics WODs at Ute CrossFit Holladay and Ute CrossFit Downtown.  Select a location below to see the schedule for CrossFit WODs days and times.