CrossFit is a training program that prepares you well for all general physical tasks.  Many also refer to it as GPP, general physical preparedness.

Our training program is based on the theory that we want to be well rounded and ready for anything that comes our way.  CrossFit workouts are distinct, they are done at high intensity, they are constantly varied and they are done with functional movements.  CrossFit athletes aim to have as few weaknesses as possible and how to do that?  Train your weaknesses.  Each of our classes are led by a coach.  In a workout, you may see running, jumping, weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, sprinting, obstacle objects the list can go on and on.  The idea is to keep in mind that there is a most efficient way to move your body and to lift weighted objects.  We carefully coach each member on how to move correctly and you can do this with a variety of object, whether it is your own body weight or a heavy barbell.  Once a person can move properly, safely and with consistency then intensity can be added and that is how result occur in the gym.  We complete our workouts in a group setting with direction from a CrossFit certified coach.

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