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Jessica Flynn After CrossFit

Jessica Flynn – After

Jessica Flynn Before CrossFit

Jessica Flynn – Before

Jessica Flynn Before CrossFit

Jessica Flynn – Before 2

In April of 2012, I sent Rebecca the following email:

Hello Rebecca,

I’m not really the type of woman who ‘bares it all’ to total strangers, but I’m hoping you can help. I lost my dad to an 11-month battle with lung cancer on April 6, 2012, and during that time I packed on 20 lbs. due to stress, comfort eating, little-to-no exercise, etc. I’m sad, a little depressed and sleep is such an issue for me that my doctor recently prescribed Ambien.

I was driving to an errand today and I saw your sign on 123rd and thought maybe Crossfit is what I need. My biggest concern is I’M AN EXERCISE WHIMP. No, really, I am. I know that exercise is the key to so much of what I’m struggling with right now, but I’m really afraid to start.

I’m rambling right now so I’ll stop. What thoughts do you have on my situation? I welcome any input you might have.

Thanks for listening!



That’s how my Crossfit journey began. Rebecca called me after receiving my email and I started my on-ramp program the next day. On that first day at the Box, Rebecca had me do a warm-up of a 400m run. I barely made it up the hill. Now I can run up that same hill with ease. This is what keeps me coming back for WOD after WOD – I see progress. I’m getting stronger and faster and more fit. Crossfit has brought a new meaning of balance to my life.  Crossfit literally pressed my reset button for me.

 I’ve never loved to exercise and have never stuck with an exercise program for longer than 3 months, but after almost 4 months, I can honestly say I’m addicted to Crossfit. My motto from the beginning has always been ‘put on the clothes and drive there…Nick and Rebecca will take care of the rest!’ I feel safe at Ute Crossfit. I know they will push me and help me to reach my goals and they are always looking out for my safety. At Ute Crossfit, I genuinely feel supported by the other members. I love that we are each working towards our own unique goals, but at the same time members who are lifting twice the weight that I am lifting still take the time to encourage me and tell me I’m doing a good job.

Crossfit gives me goals and a means to achieving them.  It provides me with a sense of accomplishment every day, as well as a sense of progress.  I also have loved that this summer while my boys have been on summer break, they have joined me during many WODs. Being able to share my pursuit of health and physical fitness with my family has been a true gift and I could never have done that without the patience and support of Nick and Rebecca. My boys adore them and are in awe of their strength and support of their mom.

Crossfit has taught me to always be thinking about the ‘next step’. Along those lines my goals for the next phase are:

1.      to graduate from ring rows (or bar rows) to pull-ups with the band

2.      to overcome my fear of “team” WODs where another crossfitter has to rely on me and my performance for their success

3.      to eat “Paleo” for breakfast and lunch and then “modified-Paleo” for dinner with my family

I am still learning from Crossfit every time I come to work out, and I’m still learning how to make better decisions with every meal, but what Crossfit has also taught me is that as long as I do my best, try as hard as I can, learn, and dedicate myself, I can overcome any challenge.

Jessica is a 40 year old, stay-at-home mom of two boys (Ute Crossfit kids, Grant (12) and Will (9). She’s been married to her best friend, Craig, for 17 years.

What Jessica’s coaches have to say about her: “Working with the amazing individuals that walk through our doors is a dream come true. Walking into the gym each day and interacting with the members of our community is as rewarding as any career I could have imagined. Notes of appreciation like the one above from Jessica are the cherry on top.  Nick and I owe so much to the members of the Ute community for making Ute a place where everyone should feel comfortable and capable of thriving. Jessica is a dream come true for a coach. She is willing to make deliberate choices about how to proceed in making her health and wellness at the top of her priority list just below her dedication to her boys and husband. She is a model athlete; always striving to improve, trying new things, purposefully making changes to her mind set getting her and her family one step closer to a healthy lifestyle. We love having Jessica at wods as she inspires not only her fellow CrossFitter but her coaches every day.”