Keslie Okubo

Keslie Okubo | Coach


In 2011 after stumbling around in the dark so to speak in the fitness world trying to find a good fit for me and my fitness goals, a good friend kept insisting that I try this “new” workout called CrossFit.  For some unknown reason I kept resisting his urging until one day I finally broke down and joined him at the gym.  Much to my surprise I was indeed impressed and completely engrossed in the energy of the CrossFit world, the people that I met, and, the level of strength and endurance I could imagine myself achieving if I followed this new amazing workout regimen.  Since that first day I stuck with it and never looked back and began to improve my skills and abilities on a weekly basis.  Very soon into the program I began to be interested in the competitive aspect and was quickly navigating my way to that end goal of working out harder and becoming fit and strong enough to become a CrossFit games competitor.  That goal was achieved this summer and it helped to elevate my skills which in turn has helped me to achieve my other goal of becoming a teacher and coach.

The idea of teaching others out there that may not have heard of or tried this type of goal oriented high energy workout makes me very excited.  I will always remember my first time at the gym and hope to bring that same aha moment to many more people just looking for the perfect fit for them and their own personal goals.  Helping people push their limits and reach new levels is what keeps me happy and excited everyday.

When I am not coaching or training I can be found spending time with family, hiking, hunting, backpacking, boating or, in the winter snowboarding.  Life is great and I am thankful everyday.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification


Personal Records

Front Squat 200, Jerk 200, Snatch 140